The Best 5 Mobile Tracker Free One Must Have

Mobiles have become one of the essential parts and parcels of the life of the people. People can work without food, but they cannot work without mobile phones. Since the person carries his mobile phone from place to place, there can be a situation in which he keeps his phone at one location and forgets to pick it up again. In such a situation, there are chances for the mobile phones to get stolen. The expensive mobile phone would be lost, but all the necessary documents and information in the mobile phones would be lost. Hence in such a situation, it becomes essential to install an application called mobile tracker in it.

A list of the best free mobile trackers to install in your phone

This mobile tracker application tries to connect the person’s mobile with the laptop. Accordingly, if a person has forgotten that he left his mobile, this mobile tracking application will play a vital role in detecting the location. The list of the best mobile tracking applications which are available free of cost on the Play Store has been given as follows.

1. MSpy

This mobile tracking application is the perfect application for monitoring your child’s activity without any hassles. It has multilingual support and also tries to protect your data to the maximum possible extent. It works in the background and gives updates about the location of the mobile phone every 5 minutes. It also tries to update itself automatically after a specific duration of time. It is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the web. 

2. Clevguard

This is another mobile tracking application that allows you to assess the mobile phone location from anywhere at any time. It allows you to track GPS and Wi-Fi locations and automatically capture the screenshots remotely. All the phone calls can easily get recorded, and it offers a 24/7 Support system to the customers. All the platforms, including Windows and Android, can easily make use of this amazing mobile tracking application. 

3. Mobic

It is one of the best mobile tracking application which can provide a tracking facility for almost every hour. It is perfectly suited for Windows and Android phones. This mobile tracking application is available for free on platforms like Play Store. This mobile tracking application is so helpful that it enables a person to get notified if this mobile phone has been touched by somebody else. It has a dynamic control panel that offers bolting protection to the mobile.

4. FlexiSpy

If you do not want any remote installation service, you can download it because it provides The most powerful monitoring software to track your mobile phone. It can provide child controls without any hassles. It has a strong interface that waxes every single change in the mobile location and updates the owner about the same in the form of notification. This application helps with ensuring that maximum protection is provided to mobiles.

5. Ikeymonitor

It is an easy mobile tracking application that considers all the SMS and text messages and all the phone calls. It can monitor even the WhatsApp messages which have been received on the targeted device. 


Further, it can provide updates while making updates. It can also provide a perfect protective cover to the targeted devices for the protection of data and different types of parental controls. This is undoubtedly one of the best mobile tracking applications. So if you want a free mobile tracking application, this article will be helpful to you.

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